Critical Thinking

Editors Summary

“Critical Thinking: Proven Strategies To Improve Decision Making Skills, Increase Intuition And Think Smarter!” is a well-rounded introduction to the principles of critical thinking. The book provides tips and steps that are easy to follow, yet very effective in solving problems of all kinds.

This guide is helpful to people of all walks of life. The techniques provided are useful – cutting across careers, businesses, political and even the social arena. After reading this book, you will be amazed at the amount of resources you can save just by making critical thinking part of your everyday life.

What you learn from this book includes:

  • What comprises critical thinking
  • What you stand to gain from critical thinking
  • How to keep your brain in good shape
  • How to apply critical thinking in solving problems
  • How to become a better decision maker
  • Ways of improving the process of critical thinking
  • The best strategies to employ in critical thinking
  • The sequence of actions employed in critical thinking
  • How to make decisions within a group setting
  • How to frame questions to enhance critical thinking

So let’s get started exercising your brain and make it into a logical thinker, as well as improve your decision-making skills.

Bookcover of Critical Thinking by: Simon Bradley