Never Chase Clients Again

Editors Summary

Are you a professional consultant looking for a predictable and reliable source of consulting leads and prospective clients, a firm leader looking for ways to grow your client base, or a consulting executive with business development responsibilities? If so, then this book will show you the fastest and most effective strategy for achieving those goals.

The secret, consulting expert Michael Moshiri explains, is to never chase clients. As the author discovered during his decades of consulting with the world's biggest professional service firms - Deloitte, EY, and PwC - what distinguishes highly successful service professionals from everyone else is their ability to use "Catalysts" to attract and motivate clients to want to buy services from them.

In Never Chase Clients Again, Moshiri lays out the specific steps - and inner mindset - he uses to leverage Catalysts to rapidly find, reach, and attract the most highly-qualified clients with minimal effort.

Moshiri distinguishes the most effective business development actives from the random, ineffective, and wasteful interactions usually associated with "networking" and "lead generation." He then distills his proven strategies for getting clients into an easy-to-follow system (called the "Client Catalyst System") and a set of practical principles, including:

  • Never rely on referrals: Expecting a referral source to take the initiative to present your merits, to endorse you, or to recommend you is the fast-track to failure. Most people prefer not to jeopardize their reputations or relationships.
  • Business is chemistry: To bond quickly with the most highly-qualified clients, you must use the best catalysts.
  • Clients love gravity: If you must drop names, you'd better use the names that carry the most weight.
  • Clients crave value: You can catch more clients with an ounce of pure value than you can with a pound of small talk.

In the course of the book, Moshiri outlines the timeless strategies shared by the world's biggest and most successful consulting firms. The step-by-step instructions and practical principles in this book will help you to leverage the power of Catalysts to find new clients, win more business, and grow your consulting firm - quickly, predictably, and efficiently.

Never Chase Clients Again is destined to take its place alongside Managing The Professional Service Firm and The Trusted Advisor as a business classic for consulting firm leaders, seasoned consultants, and business development professionals alike.

Bookcover of Never Chase Clients Again by: Michael Moshiri