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How to Quickly Read a Business Book

For most of my career as an entrepreneur, I’ve consumed a few new books each month. Its one of my most valuable habits and creates new learning opportunities for me all the time. Over the years I’ve tried speed reading, memory exercises for comprehension, book summaries, audiobooks, and book focused mastermind groups. In each of these I learned a valuable skill, but in total, nothing was more profound than what I share with you In this article.

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How to use the Eisenhower Matrix to manage results.

Have you ever met someone so productive that they accomplish more in a week that would take others months to do? It’s not a secret; it’s their fierce personal discipline in control of what they spend their time and energy focused on. We all have the same 168 hours each week. That includes you, me, Elon Musk, Warren Buffet, Walt Disney and Andrew Carnegie. We are all plagued by the same limits of time. If you bring the same ferocity to your own work, you can accomplish just as much.

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The Art of No Deal

As salespeople, we train ourselves to pursue and close deals. To be the breadwinner — the rainmaker. We network, we make phone calls, and send emails, all so we can get someone to hear us pitch our product or service, so we can make a deal.

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How to be productive when there’s too much to do

There are times when the world beneath you seems like a treadmill, and you just can't run fast enough to keep up.

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A CEO's Job Is a Messy Job

The job of a CEO is messy. When everyone else wants to keep things stable, they can always count on you to shake things up, to force positive change.

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